Create pretty charts for your website

Use PrettyCharts to create an interactive chart for the web - easy and without programming skills!
With a beautiful chart you can better connect with your audience and grow your business.

Chart Configuration Tool

Create a bar chart, line chart or scatter plot with our chart configuration tool and simply integrate it in your website.

Chart Configuration Tool

Try our Chart Configuration Tool

Convert Screenshot to Interactive Chart Beta

You have a screenshot of a chart that you would like to include in your website? Use artificial intelligence to convert it into an interactive web chart!

AI chart creation from image

Better connect with your audience

A beautiful chart can help you to better communicate with your audience and to illustrate important facts. A simple line chart, bar chart or scatter plot is often more appealing than presenting data through text or tables.
Improving the communication with your visitors is an important aspect of user experience, retaining users and making your website more successful.

Look more professional

A decent chart that is fully integrated into your website looks certainly more professional than a simple image or screenshot of a chart. Clean charts that are well aligned with your website's design improve the user experience of your website and help to retain your visitors and clients.

Charts are interactive and can be animated

Instead of just presenting an image of a chart to your user, our charts are rendered on the visitors device using JavaScript. This means that the user can interact with the chart - users can zoom in and pan, make use of hover and tooltips. It is also possible to add animations to your chart to better integrate it into your website.

Charts are responsive

Your visitors use various devices to access your website such as desktop PCs, tablets or smartphones. Responsive design is important to improve user experience which ultimately leads to a more successful website.
Our charts are responsive and adapt well to the screen size of your visitor's device.