Use Cases for Website Charts

There are many examples where charts can help to make your website more attractive and improve user experience. Better user experience can increase sales and revenue for your website. In this section we would like to present a couple of use cases where the integration of a chart into your website can really be beneficial for your business.

Charts for Product Presentation

Charts can help to better present and sell your product. To give an example: Maybe you have some product property that you could better illustrate to prospects through a chart. Such chart can help with explanation of your product and make selling it much easier. But not only for physical products charts can increase sales but also for software products.

Charts can also be used to compare your product with competitors. Such charts can really increase sales and help you to win negotiations.

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Charts for Financial Data

If you operate a website with financial information it can also pay off to integrate financial charts. An example is where historical data and prices of financial assets such as stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. are shown in a chart. Charts can help to illustrate and communicate with your site visitors and make your website more attractive. A better user experience again can increase user engagement and increase sales and revenue that you generate with your website.

If you are offering a financial service through your website a chart can also help to increase sales. To give some examples: Hedge funds show their performance in charts which helps customer to compare different financial offers. Forex trading signal services also include charts with past performance of their trades which again can help the customer to make an informed decision and buy financial products.

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