Resources on Web Charts and PrettyCharts

We are pleased to welcome you to our resources section where we want to provide you with information on web charts. We cover various topics such as presenting data on websites, chart creation and integration into websites.

Data Visualization on Websites

There are different ways to present data on a website to users such as text, tables, images of charts or interactive web charts. In this section we would like to present advantages and disadvantages of the methods and motivate how interactive web charts can help with user experience and ultimately lead to more success of a website.

Chart Configuration Tool

With PrettyCharts we provide an easy to use, no coding chart creation tool that allows to quickly generate web charts. We explain how the tool can be used to create a professional web chart.

Web Charts from Images

PrettyCharts offers functionality that can help you to automatically convert an static image of a chart into a JavaScript chart. 

Web Charts from HTML Tables

If data is presented in a HTML table on a website, our tool can automatically parse the website and create an interactive chart from it that you can easily integrate into your website.

Chart Integration

Charts that are created with our configuration tool can be easily integrated into websites. We provide guides on how to add a chart to a static HTML page. We also explain how a chart can be added to CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Typo3.